Bright news with Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight Kit now available - 1/28/21

Not sure the IR spectrum lights emitted by the V2 and V3 are comparable to this new 70 lumen spotlight that I assume uses visible spectrum.

Don’t bother to assume they give us the specs -
" Light temperature: 4000-5000K".

When I run:
V2 w/IR on (all 4 LED’s) and “daisy chain” a V3 w/ near IR on power consumption is about 0.67 amps @ 5.01 volts.

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Am I the only one who recalls an early version of this camera with an integrated led light ring? I seem to recall a beta version sent to a YouTuber and reviewed that had this feature incorporated in the cam and not as as extra add on that has to be purchased. I would have much rather seen this integration than the siren. Really Wyze, are going to be peace mealing the options as add-ons now?

Now that I think of it, the video might have been the Wyze promo for the release of the V3.

This is great definitely interested in that option.

Got my spotlight today. It kept popping off my camera, even with the adhesive. I tried it toward the front, middle, back, everywhere, it kept popping off. I read the instructions, looked at the diagrams, and it still didn’t make sense why it wasn’t fitting on the cam.

Finally, I once set it on the camera with the front of the spotlight clip overhanging over the front of the V3 and it stayed in place.

Then I realized there is a tiny protrusion on the front of the spotlight clip that prevents it from sitting anywhere on the cam unless you have the clip overlapping the very front of the cam (not just the front, but just slightly past the front).

Good to know…poorly explained…just FYI for anyone who wonders why it keeps shooting off the cam when they are trying to place it.

I’m excited to try it out tonight. It’s in a place where I desperately needed a small light at night.


So does it feel like a motion floodlight outside or a like a tiny flashlight?

I just got it this morning, so I can’t totally fairly judge until it can be tested in more real conditions, but I am guessing it is more of a flashlight. To be fair, in addition to some normal real floodlights, I use several of those solar powered motion activated LED lights around areas of my house, and I am guessing this will be stronger than many of those.

Still, I am guessing it is primarily designed to simply show enough light for the V3 to be able to clearly see color, and like you said before, the V3 can make a candle look like a flood, so this should accomplish that purpose rather well. A tiny light for the V3 will probably be even more effective than a normal major floodlight for other cameras.

The second question is whether it is sufficient light for human eyes as well. We’ll see tonight. I have it pointing toward my lower back door (yes, as opposed to my upper back door) and the cat door in a window, from roughly 20 feet away. We’ll see how well it lights up that area since the balcony blocks basically all the light from the normal floodlights.

We’ll see. I’ll give it some time to test, but at the very least it should help with the seeing color at night stuff.

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Thanks for the thorough initial answer, carver. I’ve used solar floodlights that were plenty bright enough but they barely lasted a year before the motion sensor died. Looking forward to your night time trial. I’m basically concerned with whether it’s bright enough to (a) visibly illuminate a small yard and (b) slightly alert and deter a very timid intruder. :slight_smile:

I am also curious about this. Does anyone know if it will fit properly on the “bottom” of the V3?

There have been several questions in this thread about how much light the spotlight produces compared to floodlights, etc, so I ran some tests to help those who wanted to see some examples before they decide whether or not it’s worth the purchase for them.

I recorded the results of the Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight and used 3 different cameras (V3, Eufy, Pixel 5) to record how much light it gives, etc.

You can go view the comparison videos in the following Tips and Tricks post if you are still watching this thread looking for and hoping to get answers about the Spotlight effectiveness:


Was hoping this spotlight kit was bright news. Unfortunately not. Very buggy. Sometimes the light symbol icon shows up on the camera page, sometimes not. Go to accessories, says not installed go shop for one. Well I want the one mounted on the camera to work. Unplug, plug back in, yada yada, might be back working the next day, maybe not. Like most Wyze products, released early, let the customers discover the problems. Saves on R&D. Toured the M1 Abrams plant in 1986, employee said they quit doing quality control, just let the government find the problems. Wyze seems to use that strategy. Fix it in V2, then V3, while designing new products that will go thru the same cycle.

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Early access aren’t beta, they are finished released products that Wyze uses the money collected on orders for the first production run. The beta products are the ones given to the beta testers to find and work out bugs before the product is released to early access.

Now on the other hand, the beta channel firmware and app is as it’s named, beta and bugs are expected, but not early access products. There is a disclaimer stating as such with the beta firmware and app, not the released early access products.

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I don’t entirely agree. The ability to easily “patch in the field” made possible by software has led to rapid development but also a real lowering of standards as referenced above. Adding features - hamster detection! - dental x-rays! - is one thing, but it’s not an excuse or substitute for other shipping features that just don’t work properly.

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[MOD EDIT] Also this is not a sophisticated wi-fi device with eproms and uploadable firmware upgrades. IT IS A LIGHT THAT TURNS ON AND OFF !!!. IT IS NOT WI-FI !!! IT GETS ITS COMMANDS FROM THE V3 CAMERA WHICH IS CERTAINLY NOT EARLY ACCESS, SINCE THERE ARE MANY REDDIT PICTURES OF STORES WITH DISPLAYS FULL OF V3 CAMERAS !! [MOD EDIT] …who has every right to not be happy with a product I paid for and it does not work correctly. This community is filled with unhappy customers. [MOD EDIT]

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C’mon, where not talking BLM, immigration, national debt, religion, etc. that are highly passionate polarizing issues. Talking about an LED light. Why did you not edit carverofchoice? Oh, right, he has 75 Wyze devices, can’t upset your #1 user. Or maybe you sent him a little scolding on the side, if so, my bad. His criticism of my feedback was rude, arrogant, and made no sense, other to hear himself speak, which looks like he does often.

As @raym64 states, Early Access is NOT beta, it is the initial production run of the final hardware setup. If you are saying it is in beta because the firmware continues to change then you could say the v2 is still in beta as the continue to upgrade firmware.


Fair enough. When so many people whose knowledge, opinions and insights I highly respect ( @WyzeJasonJ @Customer @raym64 ) all disagree with my position and tell me my thoughts are incorrect, I feel I must take that seriously and humbly reevaluate my position and confirmation bias. Thanks guys for the civil discussion on the matter. Don’t ever feel hesitant to disagree with me. I am fully capable of accepting being wrong and changing my mind.

I have had some other guys in this forum with similar frustration about early access products feel that they will be happier waiting a few months to order a new product and were grateful for this type of perspective, which is all I intended here as well. I apologize for upsetting mpspray58 as that was not my intent in any way. I thought the ideas would be as well received as it was from several others in other threads.

Everyone has made good points. I will accept early access as a fully launched product. Having been a professional QA tester myself, I acknowledge it’s impossible to ever test any code 100% thoroughly or in every possible iteration or environmental factor, so random things will always turn up as they are expanded, so it is unfair of me to say something isn’t complete everytime it expands. Fair enough. Thanks for your input my friends. Much respect.


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