Bridge sensor common faults

Hi, I haven’t been able to find a post about this.
It appears my wyze bridge sensor has melted from overworking! Could it be.
I found it really strange to find a pin hole depression on the top right corner of the bridge sensor and was curious to see what could have damaged it, when I opened it I found the CH554T microprocessor. Has anyone else experienced something like this on their wyze bridges!?
Needless to say I found out because it stopped working after (close to) 2 years of service

Welcome to the Wyze community!
I’m surprised that a sensor bridge could overheat! How many sensors were you using?
It’s a good thing you saw this and investigated. I would defiantly contact Wyze about this! They should be able to replace it.

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Welcome to the forums! Like stated above, I’d make a support ticket and even post the ticket number here in this thread so this can be investigated to see if it’s a thermal event or what happened here.

The camera it was in or the bridge? When did you get it? Wyze Sense has only been out for a hair over a year.

To go along with what @Omgitstony said, did you get this as a bata unit or for early access?

I am sorry you had this issue, I would definitely turn in a support ticket if you have not already.

We are so sorry this happened! Yes, we definitely want to replace this and we’d also like to take it back to investigate what happened here. Please reach out to customer support using the link Brlepage provided and let me know your support ticket number when you receive it so I can escalate it for you.