Bridge issue when cam in silicone enclosure

Has anyone had issues with their wyze cam v2 with bridge attached in a silicone enclosure. Out of the enclosure the bridge works fine but in the enclosure the bridge may connect for a few minutes then disconnects…

Hello @tim0, welcome to the community. I haven’t heard of anyone else using the silicone enclosure with a bridge, and the enclosure is probably hindering the signal strength.
Do you have another camera nearby that you can use the bridge with not in a enclosure? This might be the best option for you.

Not yet but I’m thinking that’s what I am going to have to do. I’m surprised that silicone can hinder the signal strength though.

Yeah, you wouldn’t think so. How far is the bridge from the router?

Within a few feet. I thought it was the case pressing on the bridge button but then I fixed that.
As weird as it sounds I’m wondering whether the tight silicone case squeezes the camera causing an issue.

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If this is the case, it must be the enclosure causing the problem.

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Some people have also used extension cables for the bridge: Using USB Extension Cable for Sense Bridge - Seems to help signal you might be able to use one in this case to help get the bridge unit outside of the silicone case if that turns out to be the thing blocking the signal.


Good idea. I’ll give it a try