Bridge capacity

How many contact sensors or motion sensors can I connect to a single bridge or single Wyze cam?

Up to 100 sensors per bridge


Hey Pchiabrera,

Like Newshound said, you can pair up to 100 sensors (they can be either motion or contact sensors) per bridge. If you want more than 100, you’ll need another Wyze Sense supporting camera (Wyze Cam Pan or Wyze Cam V2) and another bridge.

Practically, you will probably run into range limitations before you run into the 100 device limit unless you’re trying to monitor 200 cookie jars in the same room :wink:

Personally, I ordered 2 Starter Kits so I could split my sensors between 2 bridges, each at opposite corners of my house. Front yard/right half of house goes to one bridge, back yard/shed/left side of house goes to another. As a bonus, if one of my bridges dies I can switch my sensors to the other one while I wait for a replacement.


Thanks Newshound

Good idea thequietman44. Thanks