Breaking News section for members

Hi folks, I am new to the Community and wondering if there is a special daily updated section with Breaking News from Wyze administration? I am experiencing my second day in a row with server problems and it would be most helpful if there was a Breaking News section on the front page of this website that is live and up to date with technical issues. It should be limited to current technical issues and not for posting non-tech issues ie: Black Friday sales/ Black camera for sale.
If this type of section already exists it should be the first banner boldy posted on the front page of this website.

@garyw… The way this is handled is to globally pin any service disruption posts. If you click the three-bar icon top right, then click Latest, you will see the recent service disruption post pinned at the top.

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Ookla speed test attached. My router is a Dlink EA 9500.

I wish I had that kind of speed, @garyw! My average is 11 Mpbs down, and 5 Mbps up. I truly don’t think that’s your problem, as I can usually connect pretty quickly to my cameras with my dog-slow internet.