Both v3 cameras routinely disconnect from the cloud

They’re on the wifi network and live feeds can be viewed, but no events are recorded so I’m guessing they’re disconnecting from the cloud network. Both of them display a cloud with a slash in the app. The only way to clear it is to unplug and plug back in. Often, when I do this, I’m notified that there’s been a firmware update. Never have this issue with the outdoor cameras.

Are you sure it is not telling you to update the firmware? The latest version for the V3 was issued 17 March 2022 version, What version does your V3 have?

If your cams experience a network interuption, there is an issue where the IoT connection isnt restored, but the live view is. This is why you can view it but nothing else works. An update is coming around June to fix this for most devices, so please keep a lookout and keep your devices updated. For now the solution is to unplug and replug when this happens, althogh if its often that would mean your network is unstable.

Thanks. The problem is that, with each update, I have to go outside to unplug and reconnect the cams in order to receive each update!

V3 Firmware was updated again on 4/25/22 to I have my V3 power connected to a KASA smart plug if I need to cycle the power. I have never had to cycle power for an update.

Thanks - the network is very stable. It seems to happen whenever there’s a firmware update, which is pretty often. Weirdly, it never happens with the outdoor cams, which are on the same network. For the first time, my hub failed to follow the set monitoring schedule this morning. Seems to have coincided with the latest firmware update for that.