Both Robot Vac's are off-line no internet connection

I discussed the maps residence location w\ Maven colleagues @Newshound, @Bam & @carverofchoice and they also feel that the Maps reside on the server.

@carverofchoice tested the theory by forcing his WRV offline and then opening it within a newly installed app w\ no cache Hx. Pulling only from the server, the app indicated no connection with the offline WRV, however the maps for the WRV did load in the new app which means they had to be pulled from the cloud.


Thought for sure I read somewhere that said a factory reset loses everything, but I guess that assumed you also deleted the device from the app. Cool to know you can safely factory reset and still keep your maps. Thank you for verifying!

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It is possible that part of the factory reset process or going through the device setup again could cause the cloud to remove any stored data as part of a fresh reset of the device. I did not test that out, I only tested seeing if the map itself was able to be pulled from the cloud even though the WRV is offline. It did pull the map even though the WRV had no internet, so that tells me the map was in the cloud. It did not conclusively tell me that the map would continue to remain available after a factory reset though…so don’t 100% bank on that.


@SlabSlayer @purchark @carverofchoice @stargazeriinh

Model: WRV200S
Firmware: 1.6.306
Plugin Ver: 2.36.1
Wyze App Ver: v2.38.0 (153)

I see now why by not deleting your device(VAC) first, but by Add New Dev would link the new device ID and take any files of the existing ID address to use. So to repeat this I did it again, to make sure my findings are proof of this. The vacuum device ID stays with the files as long as you don’t delete the Vacuum first and then add a new device. Hope this helps!
Regards, @stargazeriinh
PS. This totally is different from what support has led me to believe that the Device/Vac doesn’t need an internet connection to function properly and will test this next!

UPDATE: I’m seeing the map does exist in the device but looks to validate to the server its REV level of maps first. It does seem to start to clean ok but it’s early yet! lol


You’re doing some great testing. Thank you for sharing your findings. This is interesting. So, if it does function okay without the internet, that would indicate the map is both in the cloud AND on the device.

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Yes! It does seem that it’s in both places which is what I would expect. The latest Rev level will be in the cloud it seems so far.
Also, it will not allow me to edit the map too! while off the internet that is.
Update: This would also explain why both units would drop offline if the servers were down for any reason.