Bold Claims - but does Wyze Really deliver?

easy enough, but most captchas will also do the 9-square ID thing if you set it up to do so. Evidently someone has complained about the fact that there is a naysayer and has erroneously reported me as a spam bot because I now have to do the full blown 9-square every time.

Funny how people think anyone willing to stand up and say the unpopular thing and break up the cacophony of the echo chamber must be a bot. Real person, real customer, real opinions and stances.

Well you pass the Turing test for me. Not everyone appreciates my humor. I have a gene for snark…

I’m surprised that no WYZE folks have picked this up. If you want more immediate attention, you can call them at 1 844 999 3226. I’m having a problem connecting after a modem/router replacement today. They answered in 30 seconds. YEMV

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The captcha is a bit more involved than just checking the box - it leverages tons of data of real people clicking the box to build some heuristics to predict whether or not you’re a bot. Things like length of time to click, mouse motion,etc are all involved. My guess is you’re probably just getting the additional validation simply due to post rate as this seems to be a pretty hot topic.

This thread is starting to remind me of the Flat-Earthers commenting on scientific videos posted on youtube. The OP’s behavior is well described by Internet troll - Wikipedia whether that is his intention or not. If you haven’t read the wikipedia article, it is worth at least a quick scan. See “Concern troll”.


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Perhaps you should look up ad hominem fallacy. You are demonstrating it quite well.

Looks like someone wants a $100 camera for $20 and thinks by complaining, he will get it. You get what you pay. It is universal understanding that company will advertise to sell. Actually I have not seen any false advertisement from this company. They never said they support any of the feature you have listed. The fault is on you if you want the list you created and then went ahead hoping that if you complain, you will be able to get it all for $20. I have bought 3 cameras and have been using it for a while. I don’t see any need for even V2 as the camera features of what I bought is enough for me. I already knew what I was getting for $20

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So this is what happens when you read and reply only to the original post in a long conversation. You assume something is being said that isn’t. This was intended to be a conversation about how Wyze is approaching this tech, the hype that surrounds it, the aspirational statements made on the site and the actual execution of the product line (especially the expedited release of V2).

This was not a laundry list of requests. I want geofencing in a camera, yes, but I found an easy, although still a little buggy solution using Wemo Mini Smart Outlets. I want a desktop app, but I think everyone and their mother here wants the same. What I really want is for consumers to open their eyes to the V2 issue and understand that this is not a consumer-centric business decision and it implies some pretty shady practices regarding capital creation.

You would know all of this had you read the rest of the thread. Just so you understand, the V2 doesn’t appear to have many new features at all. Sure it will put a box around the movement, but what they have really done is upgrade the hardware, which of course raises the question, what was wrong with the hardware you sold everyone 5 months ago that you had to replace it so quickly?

Hi! My name is Mary and I am a Client Relationship Manager with Wyze Cam Support. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been reading everything you’ve posted and have been making sure the team hears your suggestions & feedback. Thank you!

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thank you. despite the impression that some have taken, inferred or outright manifested, I do like the product in general. I even pre-ordered a V2. I just have peripheral issues that I felt needed to be aired.

Evidently you are wrong… I never changed my opinion, my approach or my attitude. Others may have inferred intent or motivation, but I tried to clarify. Since you don’t know me or my position beyond the words, I type, your comments are unfounded and demonstrate a level of immaturity.

While you may not see issues to be resolved, that is purely an opinion, as is everything I expressed. Stating “There’s no issues to be addressed”, is done in such a way to imply fact, but that’s not true. You have your opinion, I have mine. We both have rights to those opinions. Where you become immature and abusive is when you try to insult, restrict or otherwise demean others’ opinions because they differ from yours. I have been guilty of this and am not so proud as to deny that, but I, for some reason, don’t think you would ever…

Wyze doesn’t make the camera. The Wyze product is only the firmware, the app, and the infrastructure that they add to a commodity device. Since they are buying the camera that is openly sold to others, I doubt they had any control over the camera. Wyze likely made conservative projections for their initial offering and the camera manufacturer was able to schedule their component purchases accordingly. The success meant going back to the well and ordering more which the manufacturer was able to fill.

The camera maker doesn’t make the components that make up the camera and relies on component manufacturers o supply the pieces. The camera has been in production for a while, certainly prior to Wyze releasing their version, When Wyze began their journey, it may have been a year or more ago, when the camera was just new in production. Manufacturers who make devices that use components from other manufacturers try to anticipate their needs for an expected manufacturing run. If the old components still exist or are still manufactured, they order more and continue producing the current model. At some point, component manufacturers develop new and better components and stop making the old ones. In other cases, a competitor makes a superior component and the camera manufacturer must decide whether continuing with the original components makes economic sense or redesign the camera with upgraded components and cease production of the original design since the current camera has been in production for a year and a half. Many reasons behind an updated camera.

So here we are today. A version 2 camera on the horizon. Wyze has not abandoned the version 1 camera, They ars diligently working on fixing the firmware or software (view the beta forums). So please restate your points for discussion. When you do, remember that Wyze does NOT make the camera.

Hey…let’s all be nice and calm down

We really value our fans and we also value the tough love pthalodezin is showing us. ‘Holding feet to the fire’ is a great way to describe it. We become better faster when our users push us to be our best. I can admit, tough love isn’t always fun to listen to but it pushes us forward!

Having been a moderator in some big business forums, I can say these back and forths tend to never fade out and don’t contribute anything to the overall product. In my former duties, I would have closed the topic to “calm things down”. There isn’t anything further that will change anyone’s mind or conclusion.

Wait, so you are allowed to attribute behaviors to me and insult me, but no one is allowed to do the same to you? Of course not. Since you can find no fault with Wyze, you think you are in the right. You just inferred that I am on the spectrum. Whether or not I am, you would never know, but yet there you go. I snidely suggest that you would never admit to your statements being opinion rather than fact (not really that much of an insult), but then you start throwing out veiled insults and self-boasting (“I’m in IT”). Woopeedoo for you.

I made what I felt were fair points based on the information available. Without knowing why these decisions were made, both the positive and negative perspectives are valid conjectures. I never denied that my opinion could be disputed or proven unfounded, but that hasn’t happened.

zarthan, I think that makes sense. I don’t know if it is the case or conjecture, but that all may be true. I do want to make one statement in disagreement with your stance. You are right that Wyze does not produce the hardware, but to make this statement, “I doubt they had any control over the camera.”, is misleading.

Are you suggesting that they have no control over the product they bring to market? I don’t think you are, but let’s be clear, as a company, Wyze should maintain full control over their supply chain. Losing such control is detrimental to any startup (or established company for that matter).

While I am not familiar with how they receive their camera (fully assembled or in pieces), or if there is a difference from v1 to v2, I do know that with product demand and a large enough order a company can get almost any Asian manufacturer to produce custom version of even well established product lines. To state that such a company has “no control” rings a bit naive regarding how manufacturing and supply chain interaction actually occur.

Can I come out now?



I am on same page as zathan, if you would have read all FAQ then you would know that Wyze does not make the camera. They are clear on that they want to provide a better firmware and that the data is stored in USA instead of somewhere out there. Again if you would not have cared about it, you can buy the same camera somewhere else may be a $ cheaper. When you write a firmware, you are tied to the hardware underneath. If the hardware goes to V2, you have to go to V2. This does not mean in any way that V1 is not usable anymore. This is how software release works. You release a version when you have something to release be it minor version or major. If you need to buy a camera with more stable features then you should buy from a well established vendors. That is the reason they charge more. The price I pay for this camera, I expect that it will soon be obsolete (which is slower to become obsolete than my iPhone).

So what you are say is Tim Cook is an idiot for releasing iPhone X and then immediately releasing iPhone 8. Why a self-respecting CEO of apple would come out with 2 models in the same year? May be you can be the CEO of Apple

I think V1 and V2 is confusing the hell out of pthalodezin.

May be he can understand if it was named like Wyze-Focus and Wyze-Mustang