Boat Bilge Water Alarm

I use an old Samsung S5 with a discount cell provider to run a hotspot on my boat 24/7. I’s flawless and I have a Wyze cam2 pointed at my breaker panel and bilge cycle counter so I can check my power connection and bilge pump use remotely. But what if a major leak begins and the bilge pump comes on once and stays on?
I took my smoke alarm and soldered a wire to each side of the test button circuit and ran the wires to a float switch just above the bilge pump float switch so the smoke alarm is activated by the higher float switch and with the Wyze cam alarm setting/smoke alarm=ON. Now my Wyze cam notifies me of a high bilge water event as well as smoke/fire. Thanks Wyze.


Fire, Water & Air covers almost all the elements. Very good sir!

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great idea! can i ask how much you are paying to keep that internet connection running? I understand you said it was a budget cell provider, but a number would be useful

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I don’t know who he used but I have PureTalk which is an AT&T reseller $20=2Gig of data $25=4Gig

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For my boat I switched my carrier to T-mobile 55+ Plan, two lines, Unlimited text, talk, data including Canada. $60 flat fee for life. T-Mobile works great in the San Juan Islands where I work.

At our beach house down in Ocean Shores, WA only Verison works so I use my old S5 with US-Mobile on verison and pay the minimum $20/mo.
The Wyze cam outdoor at the ocean runs through a Meco AC750 wifi extender that the Wyze base station ethernet plugs into.

All three Samsun S5 phones were bought on Ebay for $50 each. New batteries are $5 and can be changed in seconds.

Hope this helps -Scott

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