Blurry video when recorded from app history, but good quality when copied directly from the memory card

I get terrific quality when I copy a video from the memory card, but when I hit “View Playback” and hit record, I get a pretty bad video quality (blurry, audio/video lag, skipped/froze seconds here and there).

Can this be fixed? If not, what are some recommendations to help with this? (It didn’t help even when I stood next to the WiFi router)

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In the Account tab, App Settings, enable the Hardware Decoder. This will shift the Video Processing responsibility from the App’s software decoding to your phone’s on board GPU chip. See if that helps.

Beyond that, it is likely not how close your phone is to the WiFi as that is most likely connected by the faster and broader 5GHz band. The bottleneck in data transfer will be the distance and barriers between the cam and the WiFi router from which you are attempting to stream, decode, view, and record that video on the slower 2.4GHz band.