Blue Iris - Wyze/Nest and Hubitat

Hello all,

I am getting Hubitat and was going to run it on my iPad at the front door. I have a Nest Hello and Wyze Cam outside and want to have it streaming to my iPad so i can always see who is at the door.

My solutions was iPad split screen

Half screen with Hubitat for commands/house automation
Half Screen with Blue Iris running the two streams Nest Hello and Wyze Camera.

Finding hard to find info on if and how to setup Wyze Camera with Blue Iris. Does it work? best setup settings/instructions? ect…


PS. if you have a better solution/thought on how i can run this setup. let me know.

Welcome to the community, @mstangel. When I did a search, I found 45 different topics mentioning “Blue Iris” on the forum. Maybe one of those can help you?


been searching for hours. can’t find an answer.

I wish I could assist you more. I don’t use the RTSP feature, so I’m hoping someone with some experience with RTSP and Blue Iris chimes in. You might also consider asking questions in those existing topics.

Did you get this to working for you yet? I use the Blue Iris V4 desktop at home on my PC and added the Blue Iris app to my iPad. I have used the web address, but went to the iPad so that I can also view my cams when I am off site. Once I go everything added to the Desktop Version, the iPad app was pretty straight forward.

Have you tried adding Nest to BI? I did a google search and it looks like it might be possible.