Blocking Wyze SPAM alternative?

Is there an alternative to blocking Wyze SPAM? I never thought this would be necessary, and it took courage to do it, but I’ve finally set my email client to BLOCK Wyze SPAM. I pay special attention to any email from Wyze, hoping there’s news of a new app that, for instance, will not punish me for not having Cam Plus. But too much is too much. Promoting your product is part of the American way, even if that brand of capitalism can become irritating in its excess; but one has to draw the line somewhere. Yeah, my audio and video are seconds off in my V2s, but trying to “Sync Time” yields “Update setting failed”. Having had to place two cameras everywhere to be sure to capture Person Events if one fails works only half the time: one of them shows Event, but not the other. As often, neither works, even when it’s me waving my arms. The V3s with Cam Plus are better than 80% on that score, which is way better. To attest to my not being a professional grouch, I’ll tell you that my Wyze Watch (47) has been terrific in every way; amazing in what it flawlessly does for an unbelievably low price. I promote it everywhere I go. Wyzelabs has so much going for them, but the small number of causes of complaints seem to be orphans to the marketing energy. I hope I don’t miss anything that is REALLY IMPORTANT, but self-preservation won.

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What kind of emails are you getting? Sounds like the fix is as easy as disabling all the Wyze marketing messages and updates in the app account notification settings.


If anything is “really important” you’ll learn about it eventually. Why in the world would anyone want ANY mail from a company that wasn’t directly related to an order. Companies have web sites and forums. Products get announced. Apps get released and pushed. Don’t worry about it.

Thanks for posting this tidbit. Confirms my findings of the same failures.