Blinking IR Lights

Hello Community. Would anyone know the cause of my IR lights blinking in night mode, it looks like a strobe light is going off. The blink rate is very slow. I have had the camera for 2 years now, V1. Thanks for the feedback.

Welcomed me to the forums! Is the night vision mode toggling along with the IR flashing? Or just the IR flashing? I wonder if the v1 has hit it’s end of life. I’d say start by trying a power cycling, or reflashing the firmware to make sure that didn’t get corrupted. You could try contacting support but since it’s a v1 I don’t know what much else could be tried. Good luck!

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Thanks for the response. It is only the IR lights blinking. The camera has always worked fine, until the last update. I too believe, it might be at the end of its life span. I will hold out on buying a new one until the next update comes out. After, we will see. Thanks again.

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I’ve got a similar issue. Trying to keep an eye on mom (who’s 87 and has brain cancer) who tends to get up and then fall if we (I) don’t react promptly. I have several of these cameras and it was only through trial and error that I figured out what “IR” means. (Gimme a break… I’m in my late 50s).

Anyway… by pressing the little green half moon indicator… I do occasionally experience the same effect that I do on my other cameras. I guess I should consider switching the cameras and place one of the working cameras there.