Black Friday Headphone Pricing

I’m a little disappointed that I did a preorder on 10/30, and still waiting to receive my headphones only to find out I could have saved money by waiting on Black Friday . More than likely I would receive my product in less wait time. Does anyone else feel the same way? So does the preorder just put you in the front of the line? I could have waited and got the discount. After all going for a Wyze product is the reason why most of us are here is to save for a product that is comparable to some of the higher priced on the market.

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Have you received any shipping confirmation emails from Wyze? Did they provide you with a tracking number?

I don’t work for Wyze, but my best guess is that preorders are fulfilled in the order that they’re received.

Same here I would have waited to get the discount. Was the discount for a certain time frame, I cannot find the discount $10 email anymore? Did it end?