Big Box for small item

Now I know why they call them Big Box Stores. In this big box is a new 22 inch driver side windshield wiper for my Toyota Tacoma. The passenger side wiper will arrive soon in the same size box, glad shipping was free :rofl:


The box material must have been heavy. Driver is not treating it as lightweight. (My only remotely substantive comment is I wish Costco carried smaller blade sizes. They frequently have good sales but I end up having to get right side and rear blades elsewhere.)

Yes the box material was heavy, took me a while to cut it up with a box cutter. The box was from Walmart, I ordered the wipers from there because at the Auto parts store the wipers are $36.99 each plus tax. Delivered from Walmart for $48.32 for both including tax, free delivery. Didn’t check Amazon.

Well I got mine on Amazon there the good ones rain-x brand $8.97 each free ship

Yes you of course you did, everyday (rubber) wipers. did you put them on your 88 cameras? :open_mouth: The same ones I purchased are also Rain-X Endura Silicone wipers. Price on Amazon $22.47 each I just checked.

What you talking g about it went on a Nissan HD

We all know what is in that box sir


I would never have that delivered. Precious cargo needs to be treated with care. :upside_down_face:

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Your just afraid the racoons would get it before you, and now they have the help of the skunk :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::skunk:

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Great you shoveled yourself out of the snow :smiley: