Bi-weekly scheduling

Beyond the price of the WYZE bulb color, I bought them based on the suggested idea on the product page of changing the bulbs color based on the days of the week for trash/waste collection. While my trash collection does happen every week, my recycling pickup happens every other week, i.e. bi-weekly. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be a setting (or I can’t find it) to have the bulbs turn on at a defined color on a day every 2 weeks.

Am I missing something or is this scheduling feature forthcoming?

(Btw: I’ve asked this question on twitter a couple of times and no response on any level).

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Hmmm. Unless you create a rule to that effect, I wouldn’t expect that. Where specifically can you point to that said that? Might help us with a solution.

I don’t understand your reply. If you’re implying that I saw something advertised about bi-weekly scheduling, then you’ve misunderstood my post as I didn’t say or imply that.

I stated that I saw an advertisement on their product page showing how you could change the color of the lights to reflect trash day. I liked that idea. But in MY case, I have recycling on a bi-weekly basis and there’s no option I can see that allows me to set a bi-weekly schedule.

Ah. The rules only allow a repeating weekly schedule ATM. You might submit a wishlist item to expand that ability: