Beware - theft. If you close your account, Wyze will still charge you renewal a year later!

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I bought CamPlus in 2021, renewed in 2022 and 23. In summer of 2023 I closed my account from the APP as instructed, everything was deleted as expected. I even tested, tried to login, zero access.

January 2024, I received a Wyze email, “Congratulations, complete your new account setup…” surprise a full renewal of my subscription charged to my card?!?

I called support and they will cancel my auto-renew for next year, but “sorry no refunds, you did not cancel your auto-renewal.” How/why do I cancel auto-renew when my account was closed as per their instructions?

So I logged into this new account, I had to set my password for the first time etc… I reviewed the account, no purchases, no history, a brand-new account. They created a new account to charge my renewal for a closed account!

I tried their support zero help. I will now open a fraud claim on my credit card.

Watch out if you close your account from the APP, they may steal from you later.


If you’d like, you may post your support ticket number in here and I’ll work to have someone look into it.


Was this email sent to the same address that you had used previously for your old Wyze account? Did this new account share the same email as the previous account?

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Yes the same email. When I tried to login I had to go thru the same steps to create a new account. In the account there is zero history, it is new.

When I closed it last year I tried to login right after to ensure all my content and info was gone, I had no access the account was gone, as expected.

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Thanks! That’s what I figured, it went through the new account procedure because your had closed the other account. But looks like the closing of the Wyze account doesn’t, or at least didn’t this time cancel any subscriptions tied to the account.

This is similar to folks that subscribe to subscriptions and inadvertently use a different email to process the payment than their Wyze account email address. This then creates a new Wyze account with the email used on the payment with the subscription leaving the user without the subscription on their home Wyze account.

If you can provide the answers to @carverofchoice s question, looks like he is on the case and can get some eyes on this to review what happened here. Thanks in advance!

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Good morning,

The current ticket number is (3587906)


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