Better viewing when recording alerts only?

I find it really challenging to playback viewed recorded locally to the SD card when I have the cam set to record alerts only. It requires a bit of precision to get the time scrubber to work. I would prefer a simple list of recordings with a summary animated gif so that I can easily identity which clip I’m interested in.

Have you tried using the finger spreading gesture to expand the scale of the timeline?

Hi Rick,


Thanks for your reply. I didn’t know about that, but even still, it’s really challenging to get the video queued up to the beginning of an event. I also find that the “event” last for much longer than the actual action in the video. Example is that I have a camera pointing out the front window of my house. Every time a car drives by, it records an event. If 2 car drive by within a 2 minute window, that’s recorded as one event. To me, those should be 2 individual events of about 10 seconds each (allowing for some time on either end of the event). I’d also like to be able to play back at different speeds. 0.5x, 2x, 4x, etc.

I’m also having issues returning from full screen on my iPhone X. The back button is not fully responsive for some reason. Ideally just rotating the phone would allow for it to switch between full screen and non-full screen.




From the Home screen of the app, tap Events (on the bottom of the screen). For Filter by, tap the name of your camera. From the date bar, tap the desired date. Any events recorded on that date should display a thumbnail–mine are all 12-second recordings. Tap the desired event to playback. If it was a Sound event that triggered the recording, you’ll see “Sound” to the right of the thumbnail under the name of your camera.
NOTE: I turned off “Detects sound” because I was getting too many sound events: From Home screen, tap your camera image, Settings gear ; Event Recording ; Schedule, All dayON ; Detects motionON ; Detects soundOFF .