Beta - Zone select feature feedback


The zone select for detecting movement is great, but it is of limited benefit by the fact that you can only select a rectangular area. You might want to exclude two separate windows for example but not the space between them. It would be much more useful if: a) you could create multiple rectangles to exclude areas, as opposed to the current single rectangle to “include” an area to detect. or b) do it “a la Y-Cam”. This is: divide the screen in a grid and click on the squares you want to exclude from motion detection.

Hope this helps

I hope the sensor is capable of doing more with the zone select.

Thank you for the feedback! This is a pretty popular request. I will make sure the Devs see your feedback!

Neither the V1 or V2 have a motion sensor in them, instead we use algorithms to do our detections so when it comes to our detection methods most of it will be restricted to our programming!

as I mentioned in a separate post painting a mask might be more effective way , either way there are many new techniques that could be explored.