Beta wyzecam v2- Download of non album videos are black

I have wyzecam v2 running up to date beta firmware.

After the last update I lost the ability to Have usefuldownloaded video show what was recorded outside of what’s in the album. (Album downloads fine. )

However what happens is my cam plus doesn’t record the whole event so I need to go into my timeline on my SD card and start the recording earlier and run it out later than the auto recorded event and I can’t get the entire event to show anything other than a blank black video to my phones photo album. I used to be able to do.

What’s going on - is that coming back?

At the moment the only way for me to get useful video is to go in physically pull my SD card put it in my computer and go through the whole thing to get the content.

(Album clips also use lost the ability to stop and start its timeline which I’m also not happy about now I have to wait for the video clip to finish playing and restart from the beginning if I want to look at something more closely which gets repetitive but that’s not the main problem. )