Beta Testing for Wyze Cam v3 RTSP Firmware Now Available!

thanks wildbill, thanks dave. Guess I’ll continue my quest for a small-ish form factor IP camera that doesn’t require anything outside of my domain. Pretty crazy that they’re so hard to come by these days.

In this thread? No, I scrolled up about 10 times and was still at the 400th reply. I believe there has been at least one beta code update since the start of this thread anyway, right?

Tinycam and via my Amcrest NVR

had an older blue iris v4 version, that was a no go, cant remember the full v4 revision number.
but now using blue iris v5.4.6.3 64bit settings for wyze v3 rtsp, connects easily and very few dropouts noticed if any.
i have 3 v3 cameras setup in blue iris. one camera is outside about 30 ft away from router, signal strength is 3 bars as shown in wyze app.
im not sure if it helps for dropouts but i have it set to 360p in the wyze app, that setting does not affect how blue iris gets its video stream which is 1080p. no audio with this setup, i dont need it so i dont care

No, is still da man. Look for tips in the two threads, this one, and the one mentioned in post 1. Also this support article: :slight_smile:

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I have a couple of Amcrest cameras and they work well. I think about $50 for indoor pan/tilt. Same for a POE fixed outdoor.

Yeah, I’ve got 3 Amcrest and they’re great. But the form factor they still sell is rather large for where I need them (I’ve got two of the PTZ- 841B/941B) and the one smaller one I have (HX2W) they don’t make anymore. I want to find something along the same form factor as that HX2X- that’s the gap I was hoping this Wyze Cam would fill. Oh well…

So Wyze, when are you going to release an updated RTSP firmware (6 months onwards) which doesn’t rely on an internet connection? I do like the camera (also have a few v2s) but sure won’t be getting any more.

I doubt they will release a version that doesn’t rely on an Internet connection because that is their method for authorization, and thus use with the Wyze app. Also they get time & date that way.

I don’t quite get it though - the V2s are able to work perfectly without internet. I get it that they also don’t work with the wyze app when disconnected from the internet but I just allow access when I need to make a device parameter change with the app.

Also I’m sure ppl here using RTSP streams aren’t too fussed about the correct time on the camera itself. Plenty of other ways to get the time of the stream.


Also does anyone know if the v2/3 RTSP firmware has the patches for the recently publicised vulnerabilities?

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As far as I understand, no.

I came here to post this same question. Would be nice to hear a definitive answer from Wyze, but I only see the Sept '21 version (V3 cam) available, so I’m betting “no”.

I agree with a lot of folks here. I think that it would be time for Wyze to release another V3 RTSP firmware that doesn’t rely on an internet connection (Like the V2).
This forum is great to share problems and solutions, but I also think that one of the goals for Wyze is to improve their products and to satisfy their customers.
Come on Wyze, you can do it :pray:

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I have the same config for my v3 in BI, and it records audio just fine. I mean it’s Wyze audio :rofl:, but it works:

Anyone else find that even with internet access the RTSP feed just stops eventually after a few weeks and the camera needs a full power cycle to resume streaming?

My BananaCam RTSP has been running flawlessly since 3/8/22, and my FinchCam RTSP since 3/15.

Have not seen that running both blocked and unblocked for an extended time. Blocked they do drop off every few minutes but come back up. I’ve never had to power cycle any of those I have.

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Interesting. Haven’t tested it with internet blocked so far except once and it completely fell offline with continual problems until I re-enabled it and then no more problems.

Might be certain settings affect it. (I’m not reading all that above lol. 559 posts just to see if someone mentioned something there, no thanks. Will test it again when I get around to it.)

All the more reason for Wyze to release a ‘no internet’ version of the V3 RTSP firmware then. At least we can ensure the vulnerability doesn’t affect us by walling off the camera, especially if they haven’t/won’t patch that version…

I don’t know how many RTSP users are out there but I’m sure not getting any more unless this is done. At least with other (supposedly less secure) Chinese manufacturers RTSP = RTSP.

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