Beta Testing for Wyze Cam v3 RTSP Firmware Now Available!

Yup… was running ok for a bit and now disconnects every few minutes again.

When not blocked mine show the following connections: (Amazon) (Amazon) (M247 Ltd New York Infrastructure) (United Kingdom End Of Reality Llc)

The latter two I believe are part of the P2P network and will change to various servers depending on when/where you happen to connect. The same servers also attempt a connection back to the cams on an in-coming port that varies. Not sure why (and why they’d expect that an in-coming port would even be open unless maybe they UPnP a port open where they can). Also searches for a variety of NTP servers until it finds a connection. Probably others that aren’t persistent that I missed. Not sure which of these when missing causes the drop-offs.

Found this which explains the purposes for port connections:

this worked for me also. the card that was in there was fine for recording but not “good Enough” for the firmware upgrade

I was wondering if there is RSTP firmware for the cam pan V2 yet, or any planned development for it?

I answered this in the other thread you asked it in. Please try to avoid crossposting.


Did you have any further luck with this?

Last night I blocked internet access through my router and while it seemed to work OK this morning the time was about 10 hours behind and I had a ton of disconnections overnight. I had no power failures to the camera that I am aware of.

I run Blue Iris and for now have let the Wyze V3 have internet access again. I only have 1 Wyze camera and 5 others which are all blocked from accessing the internet. Hopefully this can be fixed. At least my cameras are all on a separate VLAN from my private network.

No…Wyze cam do not like to be without internet, even on RTSP…which to me is unacceptable!

From what I’ve found, they keep trying to connect to the Wyze server which causes the disconnect and reconnect.

I also use blue iris…what ive done so far is…I gave them internet access, but only at 0.1 Mbps, which makes them useless from being accessed by Wyze but they work at full speed in blue iris.

I will be replacing my Wyze cams with Amcrest very soon.

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I agree,

I have a number of Amcrest & Dahua cameras and they all work really well with Blue Iris. The Wyze cam V3 is mounted on my shed. I have been playing around with some D-Link AV701 powerline adapters and they work perfectly for 2 of my outside camera’s at the front of the house. I have power inside my shed so I’ll probably grab another POE camera and put it there instead of the Wyze V3.

If Wyze had any sense they would give us more options when it comes to RTSP. They would probably still sell more cameras if people could integrate them properly with their own systems

Honestly, if it wasn’t because of this issue of them trying to connect to the server, I prob would. not be replacing them at this point.

I understand the cameras needing internet connection while on the stock firmware, but with RTSP, there is absolutely no reason for the cams to keep trying to connect to ANY server…and this raises a high concern.

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Sure there is. Although the cameras have RTSP capability, they still retain almost all the normal Wyze functionality. Therefore, they still have to have their regular chats with Wyze servers.
Granted, it would be nice if strictly RTSP operation was not at least partially server dependent, and frankly it would be even better if RTSP was built into the mainstream firmware instead of being a bastard stepchild.


The Eufy C24 indoor cam for $35 … rock solid RTSP and ZERO need to Internet connection. If using the Wyze for any Security and it “requires” an Internet connection , then its “NOT” intended for true Security related tasks. There are many vendors at many price points that do RTSP and ONVIF that are more suited for true Security related use. Wyze may provide some convenience and a great price but are far from being a Security purposed commodity. EUFY C24 detection email updates have also been rock solid comparing to the Wyze V3 offering. Wyze is more tuned to being a high end baby monitor way more than any Security related tasking…

I’m surprised we don’t see more posts about Dafang Hacks firmware here. (It’s not forbidden as far as I know.). If they’ve managed to get it working on V3s that would be a viable way to use them with RTSP with no Internet connection.

(I’ve only used it on a V2 that absolutely refuses to boot any Wyze firmware any more. It’s terribly slow though.)

Im going with Amcrest because they are just a few more bucks than Wyze…about $48 per camera and they are 5 MP with also Starlight sensor and look way better than Wyze.

I also use Blue Iris so all motion detection and notifications are handled very nicely in Blue Iris.

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I’ve tried to install Dafang several times without luck, so I ended up giving up. Instruction in Github are useless and very confusing.

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If I were to get a Eufy… I would get the Eufy 2k indoor which also has RTSP and it’s only $39.99 and as long as you keep them away from rain and direct sunlight, they would be great for outdoors.

Remember, the Wyze cams v2 were not for outdoors, but a lot of people used them outdoors including myself and I have never had an issue.

Or even the Reolink E1 Pro which is 2.4/5ghz and Ethernet.

So, what is your conclusion for this V3 RTSP BETA firmware?
As a Blue Iris owner, I would say that it’s good for the price of the camera but because it’s not locally reliable (constant disconnections after a power up when offline), I would use it more as a pet monitor than a real security camera. So either I get rid of my cameras, or I get a pet :rofl:

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I’m completely satisfied. I recognize that the combination of a$35 camera and beta firmware is not going to deliver the same as $200 cameras. Value for money spent is awesome.
I also agree for true security cams look elsewhere. I use them as a means to participate as I become more bed bound due to end stage illness.

Get a Yorkie, can’t find a better buddy.

I notice that even if I remove the cameras completely off the Wyze app, I can still view them in Blue Iris…so, can Wyze still see my cameras even though they are not connected to the Wyze app?

Installed the firmware on my ne V3. Unfortunately it’s plagued by constant freezing for up to 30s at a time and reminds me of the performance of the V2 camera firmware prior to the last update. Also there is quite a noticeable lag most of the time in the stream.

( I should add that all my v2 cameras currently perform admirably with RTSP and if not for the much better starlight sensor in the V3 I wouldn’t upgrade at all.)

I’ve attempted every conceivable setting (lower res, all options turned off etc) but am unable to fix it so back it goes into the box until the guys at Wyze can fix this in a future update. (if the v2 can be sorted, no reason why the v3 can’t be as well)

Yes of course. That is the real point of the RTSP firmware.