[Beta] New version released to Beta testers

I see, while tapping the back button on my device From events etc. It No longer closes the app Like it did , Now it goes to the home page , cool :grin:

The delayed notification problem Is much better, It’s not Right yet but it is better .

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Cam Pan Mounting Kit Doesn’t show up, in shop, In the app

Hey posted about some minor color issues in new update and firmware post titled “In Living Color” i

Now having authentication issues and can not connect to camera remotely for live feed. I think if I was at home I would do a reset disconnect from the Wi-Fi that it’s on and reconnect to Wi-Fi which might solve the problem but I can’t do it until later! :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t understand what “IR Emission” does.
Doesn’t turning off Night Vision Mode already do that?
I have a camera pointing outside and I simply set Night Vision Mode to Off.

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Before the latest beta version, toggling night vision also turned off the IR LEDs (AKA, IR Emission). Now, if you turn off the IR emission in advanced settings, you can then toggle the night vision mode without also turning on those IR LEDs. This is helpful to people who like to put their cameras behind windows, but couldn’t turn on the night vision without the IR LEDs reflecting in the glass. Now they can.

(The night vision is actually another filter, and the IR LEDs would flood the area in front of the lens approximately 15 - 20 feet out in complete (to our eyes) darkness.)


Hello. I found a bug with the Android app with the latest Beta. Everytime I open the app and view a feed it turns my media volume to max (100%). Android 9.0 Pixel XL

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Thank you for letting us know, and we are working on fixing it right now.


I thought Night Vision just meant it turned on the IR LEDs. I didn’t know it was another filter.
What a huge difference!

thanks for the info


My pleasure!

Just updated to now night vision not working.
No IR ?

Toggling night vision on through the app is not working?

Yes night toggle or IR toggle still no IR output.

Do you hear the IR lens move at all when Toggling them on?

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Alas, too late to do a physical check. Cam in garage and I can sense it is on when I pan it. Also a reset did not clear the loss of IR. Will get to touch it in AM. For now will have to leave it broken.

Okay cool I have a few questions, before the update was it working properly? What model camera? and what app version are you currently using?

Yes all was working B4 I let it update firmware. It is a Wyze Cam Pan . The app version is 2.1.16

Thanks for the information, you mind doing me another favor so I can better help you and send in some log files through the Wyze app?

It sending logs a menu item in app?

Instructions on how to send in log files

Open Wyze app > click “account” > then click “help and feedback” > and then click the yellow icon at the bottom of the page.