[Beta] iOS(2.0.19) and Android(2.0.24) beta app and firmware released

iOS V2.0.19,
bug fixes only

  • Fixed the issue that event video may show MAC address as name - Fixed the Events page which may show MAC address as name - One minor typo fix - Allow upgrading test firmware

Android V2.0.24,
bug fix only:

  • Fixed an issue that small Android device may not see ‘Sign up’ on logon screen - Allow upgrading test firmware

V1 firmware, changes from

  • Fixed an issue that device may make multiple IoT registration with AWS

Pan firmware, changes from

  • Minor update with IQ (Image Quality) which fixed some devices having yellow tint images

Areas to test: iOS - please test the two issues showing MAC address instead of camera name Android - regular usage. If you have small Android phones, please see if you can see ‘Sign up’ link in the login page Pan - Please try different angle/light situation and see if any of your Pan drops image quality. If yes, please attach a picture or video. Thanks! V1 - Regular usage. There should be no functionality difference from user perspective

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The camera reporting or not reporting icons that were to the right of the latest photos are gone on the home screen on iOS 2.0.19. And yes that is images of a music synchronized Christmas light show.