Beta Firmware on cams

I upgraded to the latest Beta firmware on 6 of my 8 cameras. Mostly PanCams and 1 V2 and some V1’s.

As pissed as I have been at WYZE for failing to read their own blogs to see what issues were going on and to have as many firmware issues that have left many cameras dead, users destroying mSD cards while trying to format them with the included format option that I am not comfortable using anymore.

I can honestly say this latest beta firmware has helped my cameras, the tracking is a bit more accurate, but still overshoots on its tracking and I am now getting most alerts. One of the largest issues I have is that my 4 PanCams still get locked on a ceiling fan, even though that ceiling fan is OUTSIDE of my Detection Zones.
Come on WYZE, why do you keep releasing what looks like untested, unproven firmware when each release still lacks basic testing that I and others can detect in just a few hours time? I have a row of 4 PanCams a V1 and a V2. I also have 2 other V1’s. Like I have stated before, you need to do more beta testing and get end user feedback. I have offered my time and experience. Currently I can’t trust these cameras to alert me if an intruder is in the home or if it’s just a ceiling fan spinning.
WYZE, please spend more time / cycles in firmware upgrades/enhancements as you appear to in new R&D.

Best of luck.

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turn on your motion tagging ( the green box) I would go on a limb and say that its not actually the fan that is triggering the recordings.


What also may be happening is something is triggering the Pan to track motion across its field of view. That motion- which could be as simple as a pet or a bug- takes the pan into the view of the fan where it locks on the larger motion of the fan and stays there. Reducing the motion sensitivity might help with the initial triggering.
I had the same situation with a Pan mounted outside. It’s normal view was set to straight ahead but at the far left of the rotation range was my Heat Pump. Bird, bug or dog would cause the pan to track and rotate. Once it saw the large motion of the spinning heat pump fan blades it never left until the fan cut off. My guess would be your ceiling fans run most of the time. As Duff my pump in colder weather or hotter for AC.


Again, my fan as well as any shadows or light it casts are OUTSIDE of my Detection Zone on all my Pans. The Pans still see the fan activity and move to track, yes in a green box. Now that Pan is stuck there until the fan stops (Which in Texas all fans are turning in the summer) or I move the camera from the app so that it is no longer stuck on fan and is back in the Detection Zone. I have 4 Pans in a row, spaced apart and all configured exactly the same and they all behave this way.

About a month ago the lab guys asked for logs and a Video of this happening (previous firmware) I sent in all requested info and have not heard back.

This is annoying and once again I can’t consider this a security camera.

So far I have around $240 invested in WYZE, they don’t contact me with updates and I spend a lot of my time working with WYZE support and typing on different forums.

I have a Nest cam and the exclusion zone works perfectly. You can even draw angles to fit what you need.

Has to be a FW issue as my V2 works perfectly.

This low price solution is starting to get expensive for me.

Think it’s time to move on and use these cameras in other ways, but not as something that I can use to reliably protect my family with.

Thanks all! Best of luck and stay healthy and safe.


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I’m sorry that this has been your experience. Your position is very understandable and I think your attitude has been reasonable and respectful. I understand the $$ issue and certainly your desire to protect your family. These are not sold or represented as a security system and if that it’s your primary concern I think you definitely need to take the steps you feel right.
Best of luck and feel free to post back if you want to discuss the other uses of your cams!


It took you 14 days to get an answer?