Beta feedback (Android app 1.2.32, firmware

This morning I was not getting an alerts from one of my two camera. I looked in settings and motion detection had been turned off and the alert schedule was set to ‘all day’ vs. the period I had set. Not sure how that happened. I had not changed the settings. Firmware issue? I have not seen this happen before.

As with the prior Android app I’m not getting alerts until I run the app - then I get an immediate alert for the last 12 second clip that was uploaded. Then I get alerts for a while, but eventually I stop getting them again (overnight?) I’m not sure what triggers the alerts stopping.

I also tried to ‘format’ the SD card on one camera. It said it has complete it but I noticed the space left on the card did not update. I check the SD card on my computer and it said it needed formatting. So the camera had failed to correctly format it. Having reformatted on my computer I put it back in the camera and formatted it again - this time the formatting worked correctly. So not sure why it failed the first time around. I’ll try again and report back if I see other failures.

In the Android app itself, when go into setting and I drill down into one of the 3 settings group (alert settings, advance settings, device info) the back arrow (top left) or the back button (left of the home button) both back completely out of settings vs going back up one level to the 3 groups.

I’ve also noted that on the iOS app when playing an alert the date and time is shown over the video. That is missing on the Android app. I think it would be good to have it there as well as on the playback screen.

It would also be very useful on playback (of the SD card video) to have buttons that take you to the start of the next recording, or back to the start of the last recording. As well as playback at 2x 4x 8x speeds.

Update: I have also noticed today that my camera’s are not sending out many alerts. I know they are seeing motion because if I look at the playback timeline (see the picture attached) there are lots of times when it was recording - it’s set to ‘record on event.’ But you can see how many ‘alerts’ are showing the app on the other screenshot. No alerts were deleted (I did remove the picture from the playback screenshot however.)