Beta app recently slow to load icons on the home screen

The home screen of the beta app has been noticeably slow loading for about one week, meaning when the icons for my 6 cameras appear, the first couple icons load pretty quick then the others take several seconds to appear. Thus I’m wondering if others experience this lately or if there is something I should attend to on my phone. Usually all 6 icons appear quickly, but something is noticeably slowing performance.

beta v2,7,19, camera firmware on an Android 9 phone

I can’t speak for android since I am on iOS, but my icons are loading as normal. I would suggest rebooting your phone, possibly power cycling your cams and failing all else possibly uninstalling and reinstalling the beta app. Also-are you on the most recent release of beta?.

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The Beta app version is the latest version. The slow-down began about one week ago and caused me to wonder if it was related to recent updates, though since I didn’t make a note of the installation date of the last update, I’m guessing it occurred within about the past week. Rebooting the phone, rebooting WiFi, and clearing the Wyze app cache failed to speed things up. The delay in loading the icons is not intolerable, but is a new occurrence, and quite noticeable.

As I said I don’t have any android (other than Alexa!), so I can’t really be of much help if those basic suggestions didn’t help. I’m tagging in the other @Mavens - between us we cover both and maybe one of them might know something.
I would suggest the next step would be to report via the beta app itself and include a screenshot circling the slow loading icons. This would go directly to the developers. Obviously won’t show the slowness of load but just be clear in your text.

I used a screen capture app to record this MP4 and will reference this thread when contacting support through the app (since the app doesn’t appear to support attachments).

Oh, it looks like the animation just freezes for half a second or something. I’m not really sure why. Unless others are seeing it, it would be hard to say whether it’s related to the Wyze app or your phone. The iOS app doesn’t have that animation at all when the app loads, so I don’t have anything I could compare it to.

Could it be that the animation happens so fast on your phone that you do not notice it. I just opened the app on my Galaxy S10 and noticed no animation like the video but from my S9 I could slightly notice it but it happens so fast it could be easily missed

Well, I don’t think so.

Nope, you are right I do not see any hint of animation there