Best way to manage motion alerts / events

Curious how others are “managing” alerts / notifications.

I have 7 v2cams all pointing towards outside of house. My basic “managing” process is to review:

  1. Keep an eye on notifications being sent to my phone by Wyze. Notifications are set for person detection only. Works pretty well as I don’t get many false positives. Biggest shortcoming on this one is notifcations sometimes are timely and sometimes big delays.

  2. I review the Events logged daily to see overall motion activity. Detection zones help eliminate some shadows/tree movement. Biggest shortcomings on checking Events is still too many branch movements/car lights/shadows get clips recorded as motion events.

  3. Use Wyze app to drill down on recorded motion event clips (I have SD cards in all cams). I only record to sd card on motion so this lets me see a little more of the recorded event when the clip in Events section looks interesting to me. The coming enhancement to drill down directly from the Events screen will be very helpful.

  4. On demand when I am away and just want to see live views from various cameras. The grouping capability is nice, in my case front cam group and back cam group for house. Works pretty well. On occasion but not very often the Wyze cams have difficulty connecting for the live view, but pretty reliable.

How are people using Wyze cams in this type of use case?

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