Best way to destroy OG loudspeaker?

I don’t want it making any noise ever again, as any noise it makes is way too loud for it’s place outdoors in a quiet neighborhood.

I would love for there to be an option through the app or a switch on the device itself but that doesn’t exist. I would rather not disassemble it, I’m thinking ice pick or paper clip type of disabilization. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with achieving this goal.

Any tips? Thanks

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When does it make noise? Mine never makes noise.

IMO there is no need to void your warranty and risk making it not IP weather resistant anymore, I’d personally recommend just never pressing the microphone button or telling the siren to go off.

But if you are really determined, I think the only sure way to do this without making it worse is to open it up…though you’ll void the warranty and possibly make it risk having weather leakage), then disconnect the speaker cables. If you poke the speaker, you might just make the speaker malfunction weird with terrible sound, rather than preventing all sound. It might make crackling noises or even squeals or you could poke through to hit some other electronic piece.

I would search the FCC database, look up anything submitted by Wyze Labs, then find the documents for the OG cam. There you might find pictures of what the OG looks like on the inside, so you know a little better where to poke or how careful to be.

Again, I highly recommend against it and just not press the microphone or siren :man_shrugging: Mine never makes noises, but if you’re determined, I’d find and review the pictures submitted to the FCC so you are more careful and have less of a chance of ruining the camera.


Agree with @carverofchoice. I have both models and they are dead silent 24\7. Never a peep.

If you tell us what sound it makes, we can probably give you the settings to turn that off.


“YOUR CAM OG IS UPDATING. YOUR CAM OG IS UPDATING” or something similar . And there seems to be an update at least once a month. Also if I’m not mistaken whatever adding the camera through the app, after deleting it via some troubleshooting scenarios it says something relevant.

I have to go out and grab it and cover the back with my palm every time one of the A4 mentioned scenarios is about to occur and I’ve come to realize that I just don’t need it for any reason.

Yes having it just damaged instead of destroyed would be a bad outcome, which is why I’ve come to ask if your new ones that luck doing this. Warranty is currently a non-issue.

You could put a piece of duct tape on the back, if it’s thick it should prevent most noise from escaping, or at least make it very very quiet.

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The updates are initiated by you with the click of the firmware update button. Do the update at your schedule while a train, plane or helicopter is nearby to drown out the cam noise if you’re afraid of someone hearing the process. If you have the camera somewhere inappropriately spying on someone, then that’s a whole another issue.

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I have not seen a teardown video for the OG, but it may be similar to a v3. If you want to try to delete the speaker.


There is always the ‘nuclear’ option

This special tool also takes care of check engine lights and any other warning light you may have.

Did you expect a serious answer from me?


It’s ok to kill [cam components] cuz they don’t have any feelings. :speaker:

(Sorry, a bit gratuitous. I wanted to hear that clip. :slight_smile: )

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Speaking of warning lights, when I turn off status light toggle… that light doesn’t come on again unless I switch it back to on… correct?

Sweet thanks.

And your ok with inappropriately spying on someone? Not cool

I have no idea why you inferred that from my comment. When I clearly did not indicate that would be ok at all.

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Good, we’re on the same page.

Oh you weren’t being serious? Well I guess not, as that probably wouldn’t fit through the little holes in the back.

I love that song. Although lyrically I believe RHCP’s “Under the bridge” is superior to Nirvana’s “Underneath the bridge”. But really you know… it’s whatever makes you happy.

Yep, both good. :slight_smile:

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