Best use practices for Pan Cams outside

My one story house is like a cube cut down the middle with the attached garage half slid forward toward the street and the rear bedrooms slid toward the back yard. I have mounted a Pan Cam upside down under the eave at the corner of the garage that can scan 270° down the street from the left around to the recessed front door on the right extreme. I can track and follow movement as it occurs, such as deliveries to the front door. My question is why do I want waypoints at all? My sense is that I want to speed up the scan rate, which I can, and only interrupt fast scanning when the Cam Pan detects motion and follows it.

By the way, I have a silicon cover and have sealed all openings except the lens. Will this cause any problems with retained heat and product longevity?

I’d appreciate any input on what I may be doing wrong, how my thinking may be incorrect and what better solutions may be. What is the best use of waypoints and how do I eliminate them altogether?