Best service to pay for with only 1 camera?

What is the best service to pay for when you want recording and notification functionality and you only have 1 camera?

Also, I don’t fully understand how Cam Plus Lite works and what functionality it grants.
How much is a reasonable amount to pay for only 1 camera?
Do you pay monthly are yearly?


The best is CamPlus. You can pay for that monthly or yearly - your choice (it’s cheaper annually).
CamPlus lite allows you to name your price down to zero. My guess is that most people are paying zero. I know there are some CPL limitations, but I have full CamPlus on all of my cameras so I have never paid much attention to CPL.

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Here’s a link to the Cam Plus Lite page.

If you only need person detection and don’t care about getting no event recording/notifications for 5 mins every time something is triggered, I would go for it. If your camera is covering a high traffic area that you want to keep track of everything that comes and goes, I would go for Cam Plus.

The recommended amount for Cam Plus Lite is $1/camera/month, or you can pay $0.

It is for my mother-in-law and we don’t need all the AI detections, but we do want Notifications and unlimited recording. I would never pay $0 and CamPlus is only $1.99 / mo, for one camera (I believe), so I think we’ll go with CamPlus.

I already have an account with 5 cameras and just about everything gadget Wyze offers. Can I pay for her camera on my account even when she has her onw account?

At the very least, I should be able to pay for her camera using the same Credit Card (not account) used in my account.

Thanks for the help.

I have 25 cams on CamPlus Unlimited Annual with more awaiting installation, so I am a bit biased.

For the V3 cam, here is a quick breakdown of the features that are important to consider. Note that the V3 has capability for onboard continuous 24\7 or motion event microSD card recording that is not affected by any subscription.

All cloud events are saved for 14 days.

  1. No Subscription
  • Cloud Events are saved as Thumbnail Snapshot images only, no video
  • 5 minute lockout cooldown period between uploaded Event thumbnails and notifications.
  • No AI tagging. Motion events only.
  1. CamPlus Lite
  • Cloud Events are saved as 12s video.
  • 5 minute lockout cooldown period between uploaded Event videos and notifications.
  • Person Detection AI tagging and Motion events.
  • CamPlus Lite is a 'Name Your Own Price" plan that can be free if you need it to be.
  • The CamPlus Lite license can be used for multiple cams on the account… provides for expansion.
  1. CamPlus
  • Cloud Events are saved as full length videos
  • No lockout cooldown period between uploaded Event videos and notifications. Back to Back.
  • Full AI tagging (person, pet, vehicle, package) and Motion events.

No. The cam will have to be on her account and you can pay for it there w\ your card if you want. If you pay for it on your account, you will have to share the cam to her account.

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