Being able to refresh the app while viewing a camera group

I use a camera group to view all of my cameras

I run into a lot of issues where I’ll have error codes , slow connection speeds , frozen connection, etc

Backing out of the group and refreshing the screen in the homes tab , fixes the issues . But it’s annoying having to always back out and refreshing every time

It would be nice , if we could refresh the cameras while having a camera group open at the same time.

Just an idea…

How are you viewing your cameras? From a cellular connection, or WiFi? This is an unusual circumstance for either, especially refreshing the home tab to get a better streaming connection. Just thinking maybe we can identify why this unusual thing is happening to you. :slight_smile:


I view from both cellular and wifi , but after the recent app update my cameras seem to act funny

So when I open my group of cameras most of them will take over 30 seconds to load , some will have the green loading circle with no text, some don’t even load and an error code appears (90,13,20015,20017?) and a lot of times they just lag and freeze .
The fix to this 9:10 is to just back out to the home tab , and what i do is just refresh . Most cameras connect

I’ve restarted my router and all of the cameras constantly but still to no avail. Idk whats causing this …

Which is why I have added this idea to the wishlist . Because even before this started happening more often it would happen occasionally. It’s just a lil help so we don’t have to constantly back out and refresh . That way we can refresh when we have our camera group open… just an idea