Being able to record to the cloud with a subscription

with the annual subscription how do I see recordings. Does the V2 record only if I hit the record Icon. would like to have record all the time and then I can go back and see clips of what I would like to see

no sds card

Are you saying when you hit the Events button at the bottom of the App you do not see any videos to play? If so you may have to go into each cameras settings to turn on Event Recording.

I’ll check it out

If you want continuous recording you need an SD card. If you want event recording with AI you can get cam plus lite. Those will be viewable in the events tab at the bottom of the app

This is flagged as a cam-outdoor-V2. Continuous recording?

Why is it I keep getting notifications of vehicle detected when there is a car in the driveway but has not moved in days. Very annoying. I’m ready to go buy nest cameras that work flawless. These are ridiculous

The tagged objects are necessarily not the detected motion, they are just the recognized objects in frame. If a vehicle is in frame, it should be tagged as a recognized object if it is moving or not.

The WCO cameras do not have continuous recording. They have scheduled recording but to view you need to download the files before viewing.

I just do not get it

The trigger and action are for the same device. Are you sure you want to proceed?

I have had same problem because car is pointing at road and every time car goes by it activates it. You have option to select that area as a zone and remove it from camera trigger.

Your reply does not fall in context with the rest of this post. Can you clarify what you are asking here? I recommend visiting this forum page in a web browser so you can follow along the conversation and know what you are emailing and replying to.

I did the forum and no luck. I will return and go with a nest which I have and it works flawless.

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