Beeping During Complete Motion Capture

Anyone else experiencing annoying beeps during Complete Motion Capture playback?


That was happening on one of the beta versions I believe they have fixed it, what version are you on. You should also report these issues in the beta area of the forum or the Facebook area so they know about them.


Thanks for the quick feedback Jason! I’m on firmware Version which is supposed to be the latest version.


I think the issue was caused in the app (I could be wrong) what app version are you on

I’m on IOS version V2.6.50 of the app (I think). The beeping does not occur on every recording and happens at regular intervals.

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It happens on android also. Only the complete motion capture does it up untill the trial ended today. Also it says to continue using your service go to the website and click services at the top of the page…THERE IS NO SERVICES TO CLICK AT ALL ON ANY PART OF THE WEBSITE!!! What is up with that???

They are still working on the website, when it is ready they will let everyone know

I’m getting some videos with the beeping sound now. It’s happening on one of two cameras that has complete motion capture and it’s sporadic, not every video has the beeping sound.

Anyone else experiencing this??

Hello, It’s me again…with the same nagging issue. I re-joined the CMC club for the free month and once again I am getting a beep sound on playback of captures. Here are the specifics; I am using a V2 Camera with the firmware with the V2.9.56 iOS app version (I swapped from the beta version thinking that might be it…did not help). The beeps occur on 90% of the recordings and usually occur about 4 seconds apart, but the timing varies.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I can’t even consider keeping the CMC subscription if this annoyance can’t be overcome.

I have CMC on numerous cams and watched a lot of videos and currently have no beeping, however I only have 1 cam currently on and it has no videos recorded. I will set it up to where it sill get some videos recorded and see what I get. I am also on Android and not iOS so if I cannot replicate the issue I will try to get someone with iOS over to try.

Thanks Jason! Looking at today’s 15 captures (so far) it occurred on 10 of them. Interestingly it did not occur on any of them before 10:57 AM locally, but occurred on everyone of them afterwards. Coincidence, or somehow time related. I’ll have to look back a few days to see if there is a pattern.


I continued to have way too many “beeps” during CMC playback to make this feature useable, so I have terminated my free month of this service. I have to assume it is a bug with the application that has not been addressed since I originally brought this up five months ago.

I have 5 cameras, all of which have CAM PLUS, one of which does this when watching a recorded event, it beeps every 3-4 seconds. It only does this on the one camera, I have reset it with no luck. Also, have sent in a support ticket on 3/11/21 with NO response from Wyze. Please contact me, my ticket number is #149617