Bedtime notification if door was left open

I would like to see an option to have a notification sent to me if a contact is open at certain times. Before I go to sleep each night it would be nice if I could get a notification that my garage doors are still open, etc. and no notification if all doors are closed.

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In the sensor’s settings, set up the sensor notification either when the contact opens or when it is left open for X time. Then set up Shortcuts with a scheduled automation to turn on/off notifications for that sensor at the times you desire. Repeat for each sensor.

Instructions for shortcuts can be found in the user guide under the Support link, top right.


I provided an answer in this post that you might find helpful: Garage door left open notification - #4 by bigbee

IS there anyone who could give me step by step instructions. I bought the Wyze sensors to get notified my doors are left open. I hope this is where I should be asking this question. If not Please direct me. I am not a programmer, I am just hoping to get to this solution. Any assistance is sooo appreciated. Thank k

Hi, @kattimbrown. Welcome to the community! Click on the links below for Wyze sense setup instructions: If you need additional help let us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wyze Sense Setup Guide

Sensor Events and Notifications