BCP indoors

Can BCP be used indoors?


What are your concerns?


Why being so defensive and assume the worst?
We are all Wyze products users, put money and also want problems fixed.

Just trying to understand your concerns.

You posted. I replied.

As you said before, it’s a clown world :grin:

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Wyze says:

  • Wire-Free + No Hub - Place it anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with a hassle-free setup. No wires, no hubs. Only pro-grade protection precisely where you need it most.

Wyze Battery Cam Pro

About Wyze Battery Cam Pro

Yes. Today more than yesterday.

I’ve noticed the phenomena myself, it seams to be growing exponentially every day :rofl:

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I use a couple BCPro’s indoors, one is wired to power constantly and the other is wireless. The wired one I removed the battery and keep it charged, then when the wireless one’s battery gets low or dies, I just swap it with the other battery. Works great.


ok so can be used indoors then why sunrise/sunset rule for spotlight in BCP?
does not make sense because light conditions indoors change regardless of sunrise/sunset times.

spotlight should be activated based on actual light conditions inside, measured by camera sensor just like blink 1st gen does.
when it is dark spotlight goes on, otherwise it doesn’t, what is so hard to understand?
what kind of “genius” designed this?
i would describe “designer” with different word but moderator told me to refrain, besides Tilerson already reserved that word for someone else

My cams’ spotlights are tied to sunset/sunrise +/- Xm. They are outdoors and I don’t need the spotlights on during the day… even during an eclipse. If my spotlights were tied to ambient light, they would never trigger at night due to other non-Wyze outdoor lighting. Perhaps Wyze could make your request a selectable option in settings via the app.