Battery went from 75% to dead in a couple of days

Last time I had checked a few days ago, the battery was about 75%. I noticed I had not gotten any notifications lately, and the camera would not connect. Got the ladder, took it down and when I plugged it into the charger, it came on and the battery was critical.

I got this in October, and it seemed to have been lasting about a month on a charge. This time, it was discharging at a normal rate, but seems to have suddenly gone to 0.

anyone else see anything like this?

Yeah, it usually means something is triggering the PIR sensor a lot, sometimes even when there isn’t something within the “Detection zone” area (thus no recorded video).
It is possible there is a bug keeping the camera from going into suspend mode, but more likely it is something triggering the PIR a lot.
If it is a bug, then sometimes it helps to let the camera die completely down to 0% then when it boots back up it is sometimes back to normal. If it continues to happen, then more likely there is something triggering the camera’s PIR sensor a lot (which turns on the camera and drains the battery faster even if there is nothing inside the detection zone worth recording).


I have many wyze cameras two of them are battery a V1 and a V2 the V2 eats the battery like crazy the settings are the same I have more issues with the V2 than any camera so much for an upgrade LOL. I love my v3s…

This sounds VERY familiar. I have several V1 and v2 Outdoor Cams , V3’s, pan Cams and so on. My latest V2 Outdoor cam runs perfectly until the residual charge level hits 75%. Then no notifications, no hits, no liveview. I pulled the camera in to recharge it and it suddenly shows zero charge. Recharged it fully to 100% and it functioned ok until it hit the “magic” 75% …then nothing. Nada. Dead.

So, ok. Charged it up once again to 100% and put it in a closed black box 3 feet from the base station. Checked the liveview about once a week to ensure that the cam was still connected. Today it showed 75% charge remaining on the app and… ok, no surprise. No liveview connection, Nothing. Plugged it in and the battery showed zero charge.

The PIR was not working overtime in that black box and aside from the weekly liveview check (about 15 seconds worth each time) it had nothing to do. The camera is now fundamentaly useless.

Really disappointed in this (I liked my first V2 WOC which still opperates perfectly) and I doubt that I have any recourse.

yes it’s so strange I let the camera sit for a couple of days and then all the sudden it turned back on and it’s been working I have the solar panel connected to it and I keep it 100% charged

I officially threw both battery cameras in the trash they suck I only have my V3 cameras left… I rely on ring for any battery cameras.