Battery powered cameras & devices

None of my battery powered cameras, door sensors, or motion detectors show up as a connected device on my 3rd party apps (Amazon Echo Show 8, Google Home app, eero app, or Fing app). I can access live feed from the Wyze app but none of the aforementioned apps will display these devices as connected to my network. My hardwired cameras all show up on these apps as a connected device so I’m confused as to why it’s only the battery powered devices that don’t even register as being present on the network. Any suggestions?

They connect through a hub or base station (depending on model).

For the outside battery cams, you would only see the base station in your list because that’s what is directly connected to your internet. Your cameras are part of that base station and connect to the internet through the base station, not directly to your internet.

For the sensors, if you’re using the v1 sensors that had the bridge that connects to the back of a camera, they are connected through the camera’s connection and again, not directly to your wifi.

For Alexa, you have to enable to wyze skill to connect them.

I understand but know that they all showed as separate devices before I changed from my Apple router to the eero router. The base station, sense hub and every device showed up before I changed routers. Also, I’ve created routines in the Alexa app and they all show as enabled, yet the cameras don’t show up as a connected device,

And yes, wyze skill is enabled and showing as linked

Wait, maybe I misunderstood. Are you taking about the devices showing up in your connected devices list in your router? (that’s what I was referring to)

Or were you just speaking about them showing up on your Alexa connected devices in the Alexa app?

Sorry for the confusion … all of my devices show up in the Wyze app but the only devices appearing anywhere else are the ones connected with a power cord. None of my battery powered devices appear in the router list or any other app other than Wyze. I get a no other device found message whenever I attempt to view and edit a device.

The motion sensors and contact sensors connect to the hub, and only the hub will show when looking at connected devices at router connections. You can go into the Wyze hub device settings to see it’s IP address to help you locate the device when looking for it on your router UI. Like stated earlier, the battery operated cameras connect to the base station, and you’ll only see the base station ip when looking in your router UI. In Fing, youll only see the hub and the base station. When looking at your device list in say Alexa, youll.see each individual sensor, camera etc.

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Thank you for your timely and informative reply. I understand what you’re saying about the connectivity through the Sense Hub and Base Station, and it makes perfect sense. What I don’t understand is how all of my devices were previously displayed until I changed routers. I can manage the way it is right now and make do with the loss of an itemized list. Thanks again

So lets make sure I understand :slight_smile:

You used to see your all your sensors listed in the app under devices including 3rd party systems like Alexa but it appears the battery devices do not.

Here is what I would try to do, may be a little out of the ordinary but there was an issue with Amazon Alexa Devices in recent past where the Wyze Skill disappeared and you had to add it back again. With that being said here is what I would try:

  • Start your App and go to the Account>App Settings and Clear Cache
  • Log out of the App (Make sure you have your logon Credential and 2FA info if needed)
  • Restart your device to ensure everything is cleared out.
  • Log back into the App to establish a fresh connection


  • Go to Alexa and either disable the skill and then enable it again so that it interrogates Wyze for all devices. Please note, if you renamed a device in Alexa, that name is permanently there unless you get rid of it from Alexa.