Battery level not correct in Door Lock

Anyone else have trouble figuring out battery life remaining on the lock and keypad? Both of my devices are showing 100% remaining even though both had their batteries changed 2 months ago.

I believe it anchors the battery percentage calculation to a medium-level quality battery make, so if you put in a really high-quality battery with long-lasting life, it will be way over the standardized 100% mark for a lot longer and won’t start to show lower until your high quality battery gets down below the 100% mark of a medium capacity battery would normally have. the opposite thing has been known to happen for people who use low mAh rechargeable batteries, where their battery percentage will show under 100% even when they are actually 100% full for that kind of battery.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It likely just means that you have good batteries in there. Let us know if something more strange happens that indicates this wasn’t the case.

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