Battery cam pro won't charge via wyze solar panel

Thanks mate, so does this one look similar?

It looks to me like you attach the cable from the solar panel to the female Micro USB end and then the USB C male end into the camera. This goofy video shows connections for the regular Battery cam that uses micro USB but you will get the idea .If you can’t find a cable with a sleeve over the female micro USB end like the WYZE cable you will need to wrap it good with a silicon tape so the connections do not get wet. Or I could order one from WYZE and mail it to you.

Thanks for this link, funny video but ye I get it, I was wondering how the connection is ok with water proofing as mine is expose to the elements and the adapter they show has the waterproof sleeve hey? I might need to get creative as all the one’s I’ve found so far do not look to be used outdoors….

I have one regular USB cable outdoors. I purchased a tiny container of Silicone grease used by plumbers for use on sink faucets. I packed some grease in the female end connection, coated the male end and put them together. I then wrapped the connection with self fusing silicone tape. It has been outdoors for years and still no issues.
Screenshot (460)

Thanks mate, I just recieved my solar panel today and Lo and behold they included the adapter…. Even when they said it wasn’t available, aye! Thanks for all the help Mate really appreciate it. All the best!

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:smiley: Happy to hear it was included,

Hey mate my adapter is actually not the correct one. It’s a micro usb male instead of female on one end and the other is female usb which neither end works with the solar panel! I need a usb c male and a female micro usb end.

Well that sucks. Can you find one in a store ?
Amazon has them and I saw some on eBay. I’ve never purchased anything from eBay.This one is kind of short. The also sell just a adapter without the cable.

I ordered these mate?

Plus I reckon can take the waterproof sleeve from the one they sent off and use it on the connection betwwen the adapter and the solar panel pc

Good luck and I hope it works. Send me a bottle of Emu Beer :beer: :rofl: :australia:

We drink Great Northern Beer in CQ!

Glad to hear I am not the only one. I bought 2 of these camera/solar panel combinations and it has been the most frustrating thing. Same as everyone else:

Panel charges just the battery and a cell phone, but not the battery through the camera.

Battery charges in the camera when plugged into a regular outlet

Sucks that the website sales information is so misleading. If it doesn’t support charging the camera under normal use then don’t label it as compatible.

Just plugged the solar panel I had connected to my outdoor cam unit the battery cam pro (using wyze usb-c adapter) and it’s not charging the camera.
Full sunshine blaring right onto the panel but…nothing.
Wyze? Any help here?

I have the solar panel connected and it working…staying at 100 percent most of the time. I very rarely see the charge lightning bolt though…but it is working…

Just got off chat with Wyze. The feeling is that my USB-C adapter is no good.
Will check back here with update when replacement arrives.