Battery Cam Pro power issues after last update

Since buying the camera and solar panel, the camera has charged itself to 100% pretty much every day without issue, that was until the last update, before the update it was above 90 percent, I don’t know what it was at after it finished, it did fail the first attempt, but the 2nd attempt worked fine.

Since then my camera hasn’t gotten above 15%, as I type this, it is at 5%, no settings were changed, only thing different is the update. Before this update, i don’t think the camera ever went under 75%, I looked at it several times a week, but not every day. i personally never saw it even reach 80%.

Edit: in case anyone reading this is wondering if maybe I’m streaming it more often or anything like that, no I haven’t been, but after I noticed the battery issue, I’ve actually moved my battery cameras to a new group to avoid accidental streaming, and it hasn’t helped at all.