Base Station Status LED is Out - Not Yellow or Blue

I am having an issue with my base station that I cannot find any information about. Yesterday I lost power and when everything came back up my base station status LED was solid blue. However, it’s status in the App was showing offline. I tried cycling the power on the base station. When I plugged it back in to power the LED never illuminated in any color. I tried resetting it via the reset button beside the USB port. It was connected via Wi-Fi prior to the power loss. I have verified I have power on the receptacle the base station is plugged into. I have also verified that I can charge my outdoor cameras via the USB charge port. I don’t know what else to try. Still awaiting a response back from support on this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also note that this unit is brand new. I installed it on 08/05/2021. Thanks in advance.

You can get a faster response if you call support 1-206-339-9646 or 1 844-999-3226


Thank you. I just got off of the phone with Support. Due to the base station status LED being out they are going to send out a new base station because they believe the base station to not be getting power to all circuits. No idea why but this station is inoperable and they had no advice as to anything else to try to revive it. Covered via Warranty.

Must of got fried somehow when the power was restored, maybe a surge protector would help, or not?? Yes I have always had good luck the 2 times I called support for other reasons. Keep the phone number handy.