Base station question -- USB port and network access

Hi. I have a couple of outdoor cameras hooked up to a base station with microSD cards in all. I have been synching the cameras to the card in the base station. Though haven’t pulled the SD card as I cannot find my card reader.

Am I able to access the SD cards in the base station through direct access to the base station through my LAN connection? [I cannot see the base station on the network through standard connections, or through http, though I can ping it fine.]

The USB port on the side, is it an accessible port, or is it just an outward power supply?

Personally I would love to have the base station and the NAS talk directly, so I can onward synch images. [Noting that I am using it for bird bath observations, not security]

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You need to take the SD card out of the base to view the recordings and yes you will still need a card reader. Why do you want to read what is on the SD , do you not have event recordings showing up on the app or are you doing scheduled recordings? You could go to the store and buy a new card reader, they are not that expensive.