Base station goes into pairing mode only, can't set up wifi

Trying to connect a base station to my router, but I can’t get a solid blue light. It’s plugged into the router and to power. The light is yellow, then turns to flashing blue and yellow, which is supposed to be the camera pairing mode. I need solid blue. All cameras in range are turned off physically, I’ve tried a couple different cat5 cables. The router and internet is working. I’ve rebooted both the router and unplugged/restarted the base station multiple times, even pushed the reset button. Nothing helps.

This is my 2nd base station, I have the first one in my house, that’s connected directly to the router in the house. That router has a 2nd router connected to it and that router is in my shop building. I’m connecting this new base station to the 2nd router. Can this not be done? I can’t connect to the house router as it’s too far away for the signal to work, plus I’ll have more than 4 cameras total.

I scanned the qr code, it tells me to connect to the base station manually by clicking on this one… Well it doesn’t exist.

Its trying to do updates leave it alone go eat or something

If you connect the second base to your main router for troubleshooting, does it work there?

It can’t do updates when it’s not even connected to my network yet. It has been flashing blue/yellow for about 2 hours now

I just tried plugging into my router in the house and it just does the same crap, light just goes from yellow to blinking blue/yellow rapidly

Well I would say it’s now corrupt, if nothing happens after a few hrs do a warranty replacement at Wyze, if out of warranty trash it and buy another one, I have seen them used/new on ebay cheap

Have you tried repairing a camera with that base for troubleshooting since that’s what it wants to do? Has that base station been set up before on your system?

No, and I can’t access it at all. I just took everything out of the boxes yesterday, charged the 3 cameras (didn’t turn them on)
The 2nd base station doesn’t show up in my list either.

After you get the base/hub in our account sign off/on and see if it shows up