Base station for out door cameras looses connectivity

My base station keeps loosing connectivity to the wyze pod. I have to unplug and replug it to get connectivity back. It’s directly plugged into the pod.

My base station stopped working after attempting an upgrade. Wyze Support is useless at troubleshooting this device. I was told the base station which is the heart of the system is not available for replacement.
**So my subscriptions are now a waste of money. The 4 cameras are useless and a waste of money. **
I will not advise Anyone to purchase these Wyze devices. I purchase the original base station and while it was within warranty had to replace twice. What a piece of crap!!! The cameras do not seem to have an issue but the base station would lose connectivity and just show a solid yellow light and the previous base station would only show the blinking blue light.

Try a different Ethernet cable to the base. I didn’t use the one that came with the base because it wasn’t long enough for me so I purchase a longer one. It’s been working for 3 years and 9 days so far.