Base and camera offline


My WCO v2 and base station just went offline now . The base station and camera worked fine all of yesterday.

Today when trying to load up the live view of the camera it wouldn’t load .

Now my camera and base went offline .

What to do to get them back online ? Thanks

Try power cycling them

How do i do that?

My WCO v2 isn’t loading the live view when I open it.

It showing error code 90, but yesterday all day after I set it up it worked fine

Any trouble shooting steps i should try ?

Please and thank you !

Unplug the base, and flip the switch on the cams.

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Yes I turned off the power to the WCO and I unplugged the base station

I connected the base station via Ethernet and the base and camera both came back online

But trying to change the network connection of the base from Ethernet to Wifi makes the base go offline .

When i click to change the network connection I get this pop up

And when I unplug the Ethernet cable from the router , the base flashes blue and doesn’t change to wifi and both the base and WCO go offline.

Make sure wifi is setup correctly in the “Wifi Network” setting below you.

It is …

Still camera goes offline when right besides base that’s connected to my router via Ethernet…

This is strange behavior

Base station will not connect to my wifi after unplugging it from my router via Ethernet .

It flashes blue

When I try to change the connection from Ethernet to Wifi i hey this pop up

I unplug it from the router and the base station flashes blue and never changed to solid.

How do I forget my forget my wifi network to the base so I can try and connect to the network again from scratch

Directions: Make sure your phone is on the same 2.4 Wi-Fi network when you set this up.

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