Bar/QR Code Reader Mode in Wyze Cam

Having the ability to have the Wyze Cam V2 read barcodes and have simple controls over the data would be enormously helpful for business applications.

Where is your proposed bar code reader app is going to run? The phone? There are already lots of such apps – but using the phone’s camera.

Do you mean a PC app that reads bar codes using the Wyze cams?

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Excellent point- I clarified by editing the original post. Thank you!

It would be the actual Wyze cam that would send the barcode info out.

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Thanks HDRock! Just started using this forum last night :smile:


Video Triggered Alert
You turned off your notifications but you want to be alerted by specific people caught by your camera.
Authorized people have a printed image (barcode, QR Code etc. ) on a paper/card which works as an ID that the Wyze Cam can recognize and sends a notification to app users.

Use case/s:

  • Your child is at home. The cam sees him/her But notifications are off. Instead of looking for a phone, the child waves the picture at a camera notifying you immediately so you can check the live feed to either talk to the child or check for possible emergencies.
  • A relative is dropping off something and you want to be notified when he/she arrives. Instead of backtracking all videos throughout the day or turning on notifications which will be triggered by everyone, He just flashes the card.