Backup to base station

I have 2 cam outdoor and one base. The backup to base station button to turn it on turns on for less than a second and turns itself off for both cameras.

Any ideas? This didn’t become a pay service did it. I have no subscribed services.

Backup to the base station isn’t a paid service. Sometimes my Outdoor Cams do that when they have a crappy connection to the base or my WiFi is slow - it’s pretty rare. Sometimes this happens to me while turning the cameras on or off from the homepage and I restart the app and try again.

Try closing and reopening the app like @SpecialEddie suggested.
Do you have a Micro SD card in the base? How large and what type is it?

Restarted everything and it was good to go.


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Just for clarification, i am also having the exact same problem, with the back up to base problem.

Should i just be reseting the base using the reset button, or should i unplug the base. Many thanks for any help in advance.

Just pull the plug, leave it off for 45sec. to 1 min. plug it back in. It will take a minute or two for it to be ready again (Solid Blue) LED light. Just in case you don’t know that back up to the base won’t work if you have a paid version of Cam Plus on your cam/cameras.

Here is an older thread about the same kind of issue. If the trail is over call support.

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