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I have 2 outdoor cameras and they are working fine. Just wish they had playback like the v3 has.

Q. I have a card in my base station and a card in each of my outdoor cameras. How do I get the cameras to backup to the base station?


Open the camera to live view from the app>tap the gear icon top right to open settings>tap event recording>turn on backup to base. The cards in your camera will not have any video events, they are used for scheduled event recording, scheduled continuous recording and time lapse. They will have numerous thumbnail photos of event on them though. If you are using Cam Plus on your outdoor cams you can NOT back up to the base.



I am looking for assistance I do not have backup to base station in my app iPhone 14 pro camera


If the camera has Cam Plus which it looks like it does you can not use backup to the base, it does work with cam plus lite though. Check the base firmware, you posted the cam firmware. Base firmware is

You were right thank you my other cam does not have cam plus subscription and the backup to base station is available. A little odd. I would figure base station backup would allow recording redundancies so there is not a single point of failure

As I said it does work with CP lite:

May I borrow your brain and knowledge again lol. I have 2 cameras one I use for perimeter (ideally will record 24/7) with an active cam plus subscription. Also, I have an additional camera I would like to try temporarily inside my home without a subscription. Both cameras and base station have sd cards installed and detected by devices. Would the cam with backup to base station (w/o cam plus) be better for perimeter for 24/7 recording? While the cam (w/ cam plus) be better for interior. Side info I want to try as a temporary baby I work from home so alway within helicopter distance of the babies. Detection of sound plus movement. Thanks in advance

The battery powered cams will record motion events 24/7 but will only last 6-8 hours of continuous recording if there is a card in the camera and if the camera is set to record. If you are watching babies I would use the camera with cam plus inside. You can use back up to the base in the other cam, put cam plus lite on it for free. You can also use the perimeter cam with CP Lite to get 12 second videos and also set it to do scheduled event recording to the card in the cam, set if for 30 days, no cooldown, MOTION ONLY, and set the max duration of each video event up to a max of 5 min. You can view what is recorded on the card by opening the cam app to live view, on the bottom right tap more then album and scroll up to see scheduled recordings. You have to tap each video event to view it and it is also saved to you phone photo album which you can delete if desired. Go here to read about scheduled recording set up , the event video will show up in the album like shot below.

Actually if I needed to watch babies indoors I would purchase a V3 or maybe an OG . 24/7 continuous recording , playback from the SD in the camera even without Cam Plus. You do need cam plus or cam plus lite to get notifications I think, I don’t remember? You have to be careful if you purchase a V3 or OG, you have to remove the check mark from the cam plus to opt out or you will end up with another cam plus subscription, If you purchased a good plug in cam like the V3 without cam plus you could move the one license you have to the V3 and put CP lite on the other two cams for $0.00.
Remove the check mark!!! and I do not have an OG so I don’t know how well they work but I do have a few V3 cams.

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Thank you again super helpful. I will look into the lite monitoring all of your advise was amazingly detailed and I should have started here instead if tech support. Oddly it keeps switching to a different agent to discuss an issue. :pray:

Go here, add how many cams and chose the custom price of $0.00 unless you want to pay the suggested price.