Backing up Playback Record

Ok, on every other security camera system there is, you can back up a recording.

On every other system you put in your start time and your end time, and then let it back up the recording to the archive.

Apparently, this concept of using a security cam to back up a video was missed during the developement of the WyzeCam.

The only way I can see how to back up the playback in the app is this:
Go to the time that the recording starts, press record, watch it happen, at 1x(real time). Then hopefully I don’t miss when my recording time ends 2 hours later, I stop it where the interesting even ends and press stop.
Next I have to open the album, then finally download the video.

What’s up with that?
I want to type in the start, and the end, and then just save the video. Done. Just like any other real security camera system.

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First of all, not a security cam:

From the Wyze Terms of Service:

“The products and services are not intended for use as security or life safety devices or services (such as a burglar alarm or monitoring system). Please do not rely on the products and services for any such critical uses.”

Second, a better approach might be to ask how this can be done, or what wishlist items already ask for such a feature.

Until something better is implemented (this is not a mature product!) you can currently pull the SD card and copy whatever dates and times you want to back up from the “record” folder.

You can also vote for this wishlist item, or create your own:

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Whether it’s a security cam or a refrigerator cam is irrelevant.

Not being able to skim through recorded video is the salient point. Not being able to remote access the recording is the point.

Suggesting that I go around to 10 cameras and take the SD card out is kind of ludicrous.

Thanks for your input though!

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I brought it up because you made such a major point of it.

Vote for it if you want it, it is already on the list. This is just a duplicate post about the same subject.